Fighting A Felony Drug Charge In Houston, TX

I was really excited about hanging out with my new boyfriend. He was a little older than me but we really got along great! I was 23 and he was almost 40 which my friends did not seem to like. But I did not care if he was older, plus he had a really nice car.

The Date I Will Never Forget

My boyfriend picked me up around 8 PM and we went to a very nice restaurant in southeast Houston that was near my house. We had a great meal and he even got me some dessert. This was one of the best dates ever. I was super impressed with the meal and wished this night could last forever. But it was time to go home but my boyfriend wanted to stop at a friends house to pick up something. He stopped at a house that I had never been to before. It was in the bad part of town and I really did not like being there. My boyfriend told me to stay in the car and he went inside. He was not inside very long and returned to the car with a large bag. My boyfriend put the bag in the trunk and we drove off. What happened next I was not ready for!

Being Charged With A Felony in Houston, TX

We headed back towards my house and did not get very far. Just a few miles down the road blue lights appeared behind us. We got pulled over by four police cars which I found to be very strange. My boyfriend and I got taken out of the car and the police searched the car. They found the big bag in the trunk and what it contained was very bad. My boyfriend picked up a bag filled with methamphetamine and I was totally shocked! We got taken down to the police station and along with my boyfriend, I was charged with drug manufacture & delivery. I did not know anything about this Texas law and had no clue why I was being charged along with my boyfriend. This was not right and I intended to fight the charge. I hired the best Houston criminal defense lawyer that I could find and was ready for my day in court.

Getting the Best Lawyer for Your Case

After hiring a top Houston defense lawyer, I was released until my trial. My attorney, a lawyer from Bennett & Bennett, worked hard to get me out of the felony charge and I was hopeful that he could. The day came and I went to court to see the judge. After pleading my case the judge decided that since this was my first time getting into trouble, he would have mercy for me. He dropped my felony charge and gave me a much smaller sentence. I only got probation and was very happy I did not have to go to prison. The nightmare was finally over with but I still had to deal with paying my legal fees. While it cost me some money I was very happy that it turned out the way that it did. My now ex-boyfriend however is serving 10 years. I will never speak to him again and often ask myself what I ever saw in him.

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